Current Plans for Trinity Church PCA Meeting Together After the Covid-19 Lock Down

These plans are to be in place through July 19. The Session will meet on July 18 to adjust these
plans as society continues to open up and the virus continues to subside.


Things that have been altered since the last plan are highlighted with bold italic.

Which Ministries Will Meet?

We will meet together for Sunday worship in our building at 9:45 am following the social
distancing plans listed below.


Adult Sunday School meet at the building. We will meet in the worship area with persons sitting
in the same row of chairs that they sat in for worship.


Children’s Sunday School Classes will not meet until the fall.

Youth will be encouraged to attend the adult class during the summer.

Nursery for worship will be offered with social distancing protocols

Small groups will continue to meet via Zoom or in person with social distancing as we have
been doing.


None of our inter denominational ministry partners (i.e. Grace Now, McCready, CAP, etc.) have
notified us that they are meeting again yet. Perhaps July will see some progress for them.


AA has begun meeting at the building, but are practicing social distancing, and cleaning all
our furniture that they use.

Social Distancing Precautions

If you have a fever or other symptoms of sickness, please stay home.

If you are considered a vulnerable person (i.e. over 60 in age or otherwise vulnerable to illness),
please consider if it is wise for you to come. If you do choose to come, you will be welcome.


Families will be encouraged to stay 6 feet apart and not to engage in hugging or shaking hands.

No food will be served in the fellowship time and no fellowship meals will take place

The water fountain will be open for use with wipes available to wipe it down after each use

Members will be encouraged but not required to wear masks. Pastor Curt will not wear a mask
while leading worship or preaching, but will do so otherwise. Masks will be made available to
those who don’t have one. If you take a church mask, you will take it home with you.


We will disinfect the bathrooms and foyer each week, using cleaning products directions.

We will have hand sanitizer available at the entrance to the building

Doors to the worship area will remain open before, during and after worship
One greeter will wear gloves and will open the outside doors for everyone; another greeter will
tell people where to sit in our new seating arrangement.

Changes in the Worship Service

Hymnals and pew Bibles will not be used. Words for hymns will be put on the screen. Please
bring your own Bible from home.


No bulletins will be passed out at the church building. You will be sent your bulletin via email as
usual. Copy off your bulletin and bring it to worship.


Offering will not be taken during the service, but an offering box will be set up in the rear of the
worship area for you to deposit your tithes and offerings.


Fellowship pads will not be passed. A table will be set up in the rear of the worship area for
visitors to give us their contact info or for anyone to write a prayer request for the Tuesday
night prayer group.


Worship Team members will lead as they feel comfortable. Those that do will practice social
distancing while leading.


Rolls of chairs shall be moved 6 feet apart.

Family units will sit on opposite ends of each roll of chairs alternating down the aisle. The roll
immediately in front of you will therefore not have anyone sitting in front of you.


We will experiment with live streaming via an I Phone on Facebook through July 19. Another
member will experiment with recording the service and posting it online.


We will have the Lord’s Supper on July 12. The person who preps will wear a mask and gloves.
The cups will be placed in trays so as not to be next to one another. The bread will be cut in
slices and put in sandwich bags in the basket. Elders wearing masks and gloves will serve one
bread packet to each family unit. Then they will serve the cup. Members will be encouraged to
place the cup in the sandwich bags once used and not back into the trays. A garbage can will be
set up in the back of the worship area to put the used sandwich bags in.


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