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Trinity Church PCA Current Plans for Meeting Together
Amid the Covid 19 Pandemic

The Elders will adjust these plans as the situation in our society changes. Please do give the elders your input on how to make these better.



If you have a fever or other symptoms of sickness, please stay home.


Attenders may choose whether or not to wear masks according to their circumstances. Everyone will be accepted. No one will be judged. Masks will be available for those that want them. If you use a mask, go head and take it home with you.


We will have hand sanitizer available at the entrance to the building.


We will take up an offering, but the offering box will remain in the back of the worship
area for those that wish to give in that way.


All of our ministries may function in person as each group and their leaders feel comfortable.


As our inter-denominational ministry partners open up (i.e. Grace Now, McCready, CAP, etc.),
we will seek to join them.


Rows of chairs will remain 6 feet apart.


Social distancing will be a matter of Christian liberty. Please be sensitive to those who still feel the need to distance because of their life circumstances.


We will begin having dinners, receptions and fellowship time snacks for those who feel
comfortable with this. Again, participation will be a matter of Christian liberty.


The elders are still discussing how we will serve the Lord’s Supper. Some alteration is likely from
our pandemic practice, but it is also likely we will not serve the bread in the way we did before
the pandemic.

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